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Upcoming Events:

Homeschooling Practicums

Practicums are one day, FREE conferences open to any family wherever they are on the homeschooling journey; from those exploring the idea to parents who have been homeschooling for years. Come gather with others in your area to get answers to your questions, gain tips, learn how to make homeschooling doable for your family and learn about the scholarship opportunities for therapy.

Columbus Area Speech Therapy is sponsoring the following Classical Conversations' summer Practicums:

Middlefield - June 2nd

Sydney - June 10th

Delaware - June 13th

Apple Creek - June 15th

Kettering - June 15th

Middletown - June 20th

Westerville - June 21st

Wellington - June 23rd

Albany - June 24th

Dublin - July 11th

Reynoldsburg - July 15th

Youngstown - July 18th

Beavercreek - July 18th

Bellefontaine - July 29th

Attendees will receive our flyers with their Practicum registration materials; also see our tabletop, stand-up display at the conference. Listen for info about our practice before the first break to learn about how homeschool students can receive Speech Therapy paid for by The Jon Peterson & Autism Scholarships. Reach out to us with questions or for an application!! Thanks to online therapy, we can see kids living anywhere in Ohio.

To learn more about the Practicums & to register, click here:

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